CNC Control Board 5 Axis Interface Adapter Breakout Board Mach3 CNC Controller For Stepper Motor Driver Board With USB Cable

1. Fully support MACH3 and other computer software controlled by parallel .
2. There is phase separation of USB power supply and external power supply to gurantee computer security.
3. The external wide voltage input is 12-24V with the anti-reverse function.
4. All input signal pass the optical lotus isolation. Can stop emergently, knife, limit to protect the computer security.
5. A relay output port can control the spindle switch. The output port is P17 port.
6. When passing the optocoupler isolation 0-10V analog voltage output, you can control the corresponding analog interface of the inverter and spindle speed. The output port is P1 port.
7. Open all 17 ports. Can be connected with optocoupler drive and can control the 5-axis stepper motor.
8. P1 as a PWM output can be controlled with an optocoupler input spindle governor.
9. Can be connected to the total or total yang. The input level of 5V drive.

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