CNC 6 Axis USB LPT Mach3 Breakout Board Kit w/ Manual Control Box for Controlling Stepper Motor

DDMMV2.1 is a CNC system based mach3 which name is short for “Digital Dream Multiple input Mach3 card Version 2.1”. This card is designed by our Studio You do not need to add other Hardware,and you can complete the signal conversion from the G-code to the movement of the stepper motor drive control. You should use both parallel port and USB port at the same time. This card is compatible with most stepper drives and servo drives. And it is perfect weapon to replace mach3 parallel interface board.Argedo-Free-Shipping-CNC-6-Axis-USB-LPT-Mach3-Breakout-Board-Kit-w-Manual-Control-Box

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